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Control and code a REAL Robot in REAL Time

FREE Robotics Course streamed in real time AND Life Time access to the community forum and to the Academy. Perfect for "at-home learning".








For all levels. We promise! 🤞
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Easy and engaging for all ages and levels.

Come and learn how to do cool projects with a cute Robot companion from home.

You will learn how to:

 Remotely code and operate a 3D Printed coding Robot

Design 3D models for Robotics

 Connect sensors and actuators to expand your project


By attending this workshop, you will have:

Lifetime access to video a full Robotics course

Lifetime access to our Community forum

Lifetime access to our Academy and our courses!

Gain a valuable skill-set and be an independent learner and maker.


40 minutes + Q&A


Final Output

3 Robotics live projects from scratch, using Ottoky kit


Saturday 19th March

Skill level

All levels

New kind of interaction with the audience

operate and code remotely our ROBOT!


1st, live experience. 2nd, access to our academy and community

  1. When streamed, control remotely the robot in our studio and share your thoughts  in real-time.
  2.  After that, check the recorded videos at any time.
⭐ We will give you access to our community forum to create alongside other peers.
⭐ And if that is not enough to convince you, we will also give you access to our academy, where you will find hours and hours of beautifully designed courses in topics ranging from augmented reality to smart farming or robotics. 
I know, we went crazy with this! 🤪

Lifetime access to the academy

Learn from the experts

Eduardo Alarcón

Eduardo Alarcón is the Founder and CEO of TokyLabs.com, and Edtech company who created the hardware that it’s changing the way students approach technological innovation. He holds six years of experience as an University researcher where he designed and implemented a multi-model power system for researching on Smart microgrids.  He has seven publications in some of the top international scientific magazines to his name on topics ranging from static synchronous compensators to the NASA space elevator. 

Camilo Parra

Designer by profession, roboticist and 3D printing enthusiast by passion. Camilo is a Product Design Engineer and the Founder of Otto DIY.  After coming up short with finding an easy to make robot for all ages, he realized he needed to bring to the market an open source robot that anyone can make. Since its creation, thousands of people started using Otto all around the world due to it’s simple Do-it-yourself home assembly attributes. Thanks to Otto DIY open source nature, it has become one of the most popular 3D printable robot designs in the world. Otto is the first-ever OSHW (Open Source Hardware) certificated project from the Czech Republic! 

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TokyLabs’ webinars covers

 Rapid Prototyping materials


 Sensors and Actuators

 Prototyping methods



 Augmented Reality

 Internet of Things

 3D modeling

Learn to code and control robotic projects with Eduardo and Camilo.

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